Dark Dawn


‘Ten miles west from this tree’s carcass you’ll find the durned Dead Pool.’ Those were the last words Esra and Ezio needed to hear to be on their way. With money on their minds and a quest with the same as a promised reward, the awkward team marched onward.

Along their journey, a soul that would have been just as strange to be seen on the surface lands before The Blotting of the Sun made his appearance to the team: Pact Walraven. A tiefling; and a warlock at that! A few moments of conversation was all that it took for the duo to see that from now on this would turn into a trio. The three of them were off.

It wasn’t long and they were already eight miles out – just far enough to run into a band of Kobolds. With a bit of bluffing, Pact Walraven had the Kobolds convinced that the trio were friends of Steve. Thankfully either the Kobolds were not intelligent creatures or they must have known who Steve was because they granted the trio passage through their ranks. Just as Ezio nears the final Kobold he draws a line on the ground around him and says, “If you cross this line, you die.” Of course, being either unintelligent or incredibly smart, the Kobold swings out for Ezio! This was enough to spur both the adventuring trio and the monsters into action. The battle raced to a pitch for some time, with the trio emerging victorious. Of course.

Looting the bodies and finding nothing of huge importance, the trio headed out the on the last stretch of what was becoming murkier and murkier water. The Dead Pool approached…


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